Factory Ideas

Ability to change request title

Some of my requests that were moved over have a generic title, I’d like to be able to be more descriptive with it, or at least with a subtitle section to easily identify them in queue

Campaign Audit

As we create our own campaigns, it would be great to have an expert look it over when we’re done and give feedback and suggestions and point out flaws and oversights.

Campaign Completion Hand-Off

This could be optional because not everyone would be interested, but perhaps provide a detailed walk-thru of the campaign via Loom so we know exactly why and how it works. Alternatively put detailed notes in the campaign itself. This kind of stuff would facilitate learning quite a bit I believe.


Include an easy way to get back to the Membership Dashboard from the New Factory page.

Better password management

Create a way for customers to share usernames and passwords for 3rd party tools with the Factory team, while also keeping the passwords encrypted and safe. This would also allow customers to manage their passwords in one place instead of having to submit login information with each request.

Allow for multiple users

Allow a company to have multiple users that can all submit and manage requests under the same company queue.

Better File Upload Support

Allow Factory users to attach files to their requests from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Instagram, local drive, etc.

Strategy Training

Provide more and better training on marketing strategy so Factory members can know what kinds of requests to submit that are best practices for their industry.

Hot Seat Calls

Provide weekly hot seat calls where Factory members can get one-on-one help and advice (in a group setting). The audience could listen and learn from the experience.